Alternative Titles for “Saving Hope”

Saving Hope is a Canadian medical drama currently filming its third season. I started watching it after worked on the set as a background performer. My husband and I rarely watch new shows, usually finding an old series on Netflix and binging on it until we reach the end and/or get bored with it. Saving Hope is not on Netflix.  The show is delightfully formulaic and features a doctor who can talk to ghosts (dead people or coma patients). Here are some alternate titles for the series:

Coma doctor wears a tux

Lois Lane and the man sluts

Horny dead people

Ghost of the week

Sixth Sense, hospital edition

Fainting in the OR

Canadian ER

Canadian Grey’s Anatomy

The hospital show

Lois Lane gets left at the alter

Star Gate: Hope Zion

Astral Projections in the Hall

Kissing Dead People

Cool Surgeon Squad

Stonewall background talent show

Cute doctors who are afraid of commitment

I still haven’t seen the episode I worked on (it’s in season 3). Adam and I are into season 2 now. No spoilers!

A cure for the doldrums

Jesters-Incognito My air conditioner konked last night and while the repair people came to look at it (they’re coming back tomorrow with a part), my parents’ dog (who is staying with us) went outside and got sprayed by a skunk. Our house is weighed down by humidity and stench. What better cure for these doldrums, but to experience live theatre as a family?

I know that some might consider it rude to review a play after its last showing. This is akin to saying “Nah nah, I saw this play and you can’t see it!” followed by a particularly wet raspberry. But I doubt that we’ve seen the last of Jesters Incognito. Harrison Wheeler, the star and creator of this one man show, brought energy and life to the stage and to every character he embodied and I doubt very much that he will be willing to put the jesters into a box (even a box with an explanation mark on it).

Though the play wasn’t made specifically for kids, I brought my kids anyway. They loved all the wacky characters taken straight from Harry’s futuristic novel. The poignant story (interlaced with cartoons) of Harrison’s personal life may have gone over their heads. (Particularly for Jadzia who can’t read the text portion of the multimedia presentation).  Still we all enjoyed our money’s worth. (Which is saying a lot because it costs a boat load to take a family of four to anything, even an inexpensive Fringe play).

Though you may not be able to see Jesters Incognito on stage right now, you can still procure copies of Harrison’s novel of the same name, or catch his incredible positive energy when he performs with the rest of us at Staircase improv.

New York Bagels

P1060507When staying in New York we only ate out sporadically, packing most of our meals or eating them in front of the campfire. When we did eat out, we ate out in Manhattan after scouring the internet for the “best”. Gerritsen Bagels, on the other hand, my husband found by accident while on a laundry run. It’s a few doors down from a laundromat in Brooklyn, not far from our campsite. Adam happened to bring back some bagels for lunch.

These were the best bagels I’ve ever tasted.  I feel sacrilegious saying that because I’m from Montreal, a city famous for their bagels. These were better; soft and fresh, and so large that the hole had begun to close in on itself. Those first bagels were loaded with an inch of cream cheese.

It quickly became our breakfast hangout. We ordered everything with eggs and bacon and cheese. The kids had plain with nutella and cream cheese. Some of them were still warm from the oven. We ate them in the park across the street, next to three baseball diamonds (Americans love their baseball).

If you’re ever in Brooklyn, check them out. I have no idea if this place is famous or not, but it should be.


big bubble My husband is on a mission to create the most gigantic bubbles. He’s been mixing soapy ingredients in a large bucket, combining various internet bubble recipes. Last night he spent two hours cutting apart a mop to use its string. Tonight we took our concoction down to Spencer Smith park. We attracted a crowd of gleeful children, adults with cell phone cameras, and old ladies in motor scooters. At a certain size, a bubble ceases being a perfect round orb and becomes an unearthly blob wobbling through the air like some alien amniotic sack.

A poem about Cats (as requested by a cat-lover friend)

I don’t have a cat
Because I’m a dog person
And because cats make me sneeze
And they always seem bored
And don’t seem to care that humans exist
Unless you’re allergic
Like me
In which case they’ll rub their furry bodies all over you
And purr
Until they suddenly decide that you’re touching them wrong
Then they scratch and bite and shake their heads
Or simple scurry away
To chase imaginary mice
This poem doesn’t rhyme
Cats are too sophisticated for rhyming couplets

A poem about the dogs*

Worfie is the larger pup
One ear down and one ear up
One ear up and one ear down
Fur that’s mostly black and brown
Except a tummy white as egg
And four white paws and a speckled leg

Mortie is a fluffy ball
Both ears black, white overall
His back legs are kind of funny
Hops around like a little bunny
Two big black spots on his bum
Smiles because his life is fun

They get along so well it’s good
Sharing kisses, bones and food
Bark and egg each other on
Yapping yapping on and on
I walk them both as the have needs
To tangle me up in their leads.

*Give me a break I just made this up now.

The Meaning of Life

A friend posted this cartoon on the Facebooks and it got me thinking. I want to create my own life and meaning and in many ways I have. I’m a mother and a writer, and I exercise my creative brain whenever I can. But I wouldn’t be able to survive financially without dependence on my husband’s salary. I’ve never figured out how to sustain myself on my passions and low-demanding jobs are hard to find, if not downright mythological. I think I’d rather have a high demanding job, but one that fits me so perfectly that I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else. Also, a pet unicorn would be nice.

Last Day in New York

Today we stopped at Hook and Ladder 8, otherwise known as Ghostbusters HQ, and took our picture. There wasn’t much else to do there so we went to the World Trade Centre Memorial. The site has been turned into two giant fountains where each of the towers used to be. There’s also a museum but we didn’t go inside.

Next we took the Ferry to Governor’s Island which was a nice place to mosey around and spend the rest of the day. We toured Castle Williams, an old fort and prison, ate ice cream, and lay in a hammock.

The kids played in two interesting playgrounds today, one on the island and one just next to the shore in Battery Park (where I am right now). William remarked that he wished the playgrounds at home were so interesting. I agree. The parks back home are cookie cutter generic compared to here.

Next we’re going to try and get dinner at Katz Deli, the restaurant featured in When Harry Met Sally. I only hope their smoke meat is as orgasmic as it seemed in the movie.


When I get back home I will devote much blog space to posting views of New York. Today we walked across Brooklyn bridge, then took the elevator to the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Both had breathtaking views, but the bridge was more pleasant and it was free. The Empire State Building has to be done once, but I wouldn’t go there again. Too much money and waiting in line for very little oomph. I’m sitting by a subway station with the family. In a minute we’ll be figuring out our way back to our campsite once again. This subway station is the wrong one. Ah well, we’ll figure it out.