Old Floors Like New Again

We just bought a new ranch house on the South Shore area of Boston. The house was built in the ’50s and hasn’t had much work up to it for 30 years. Most of the floors were covered with an orange shag carpet that was heavily stained from years of tread and smoking. When we closed on the house and finally were able to start demo to renovate, the first thing we did was rip out the awful carpet. Once we removed the old carpet we were pleasantly surprised to find hardwood floors underneath. Although they seemed to be in decent condition, they did however have lots of stains in and because the carpet down, the floor boards were full of staples.  At first we considered just starting from scratch and buying some wide planks and take the time to redo all the floors.  But then we realized they could probably be salvaged.  My brother and I spent many long hours removing the staples from the floor by hand. Originally we thought maybe we could rent some of the machinery and refinish the floors ourselves ourselves. But there were so many holes in the wood and stain that it proves to be a bridge too far from my capabilities. We were doing other work on the house as well and had to move in in a timely fashion.  I started doing a little research for hardwood floor refinishing Boston and found some reputable companies who could come in and do it in a few days. After searching and checking some reviews I found a good company that could fill all the holes with putty then sand it down.  They used a dustless sander which made clean up much easier. They were also able to do two gorgeous coats of polyurethane and gave the floor beautiful Shane. We been in the house about two years now and the floor still looks amazing and we can’t believe this gorgeous hardwood was under all the carpet.