The whole idea of tattoo care has only been around for a few years, and now the veterans and pioneers of tattoos are in awe about the invention of tattoo aftercare creams that make the aftermath of getting a tattoo a lot bearable and easier  to do. Now the question is which one is the best tattoo cream out there for you?


In the olden days of getting tattoos, the home remedy for aftercare was to apply petroleum jelly or any other lubricant would keep your skin moist and clean. Now the tattoo aftercare products have expanded and they are made with specialized ingredients made for your safety and convenience. Now you can find special tattoo lotion, tattoo cleansers, and tattoo creams, The business of tattoo is just beginning to boom and a lot of people are eager to expand the beauty care line of tattoos.

Tattoo cares have a lot of benefits and it’s main attraction is to protect your skin from that irritating itch and that bad dose of irritation. Another benefit is being able to attain the look of your design as much as possible, poor healing your tattoo can cause it to fade, stain, or get smudged. The cool thing about these products is that it is not just for brand new tattoos, it can be used for proper maintenance for your previous designs.


Billy Jealousy Marked IV life Tattoo Care kit is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to aftercare for tattoos. This contains Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Wash, Tattoo lotions  and Salve. The tattoo wash is effective and versatile because it comes with 4 different kinds of cleaners that are made to get rid of the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. It is also made with cucumber extract that will help in retaining the color of your tattoo.

The lotion is also something that is unique and special. It has essentials oils and shea butter to help define that colors that are in your tattoo. It will be more defined and it will definitely stand out more than ever after constant application. It also contains Green Leaf extract that is a natural antioxidant that will act as your skin’s shield from dirt and other environmental stimuli that contains bacteria.

Tattoo Salve maybe something that is very new to a lot of people, but this contains a lot of Vitamin E, olives, lavender oils that will assist your skin in the healing process and help prevent irritation and infection. It will keep your pores open and allow the wound to breathe and heal the proper way. For fast and effective results, just apply to your tattoo thrice a day for 1 to 2 weeks.

The good thing about this product is that is cheap and will only cost you $30. Another factor is that they use a lot of natural ingredients and less chemicals, so it is healthy and good for your skin. The branding is also has a old school passionate look towards tattoos, it could be something you can collect and show off to your friends.